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Deltora Quest!!! :iconbillspooks:BillSpooks 8 0 CD :: Who will be next... :iconbillspooks:BillSpooks 40 22
CD RP LOG:: Snowbelle`s Song
Dorian: It was a peaceful day with bits of snowflakes drifting overhead in the sleepy little town that they pulled up in. A quaint little town with soft spoken residents curious by the coming of a circus. How fantastic it must be to them. How astounding.
Too bad it was not the other way around.
Dorian sighed, his breath puffing in a white vapor. Strolling through the circus, snow that had yet to be scooped away crunching under his shoes.
These small towns held little interest to him. Full of wholesome friendly faces where everyone knew each other. How dull. Another reason he disliked these small towns was the sheer lack of large crowds so there was little need to restock toys and dolls yet, thus leaving him with little to do other than opening his shop at night for curious customers wanting a gift or souvenir. Of course these cost more than trying to win the prize, but that was economics. If they could not obtained what they demanded they spent more for his
:iconbillspooks:BillSpooks 2 4
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Deltora Quest!!!
Deltora Quest was my fav book series as a kid! I always wished that it would someday be turned into an anime - AND THEN IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED OMG

While the voice acting and dialogue unfortunately wasn`t that good, I still gotta give em points for trying - the animation and character designs were really good! All the characters ended up looking pretty much exactly how I imagined them in my head, so that was pretty darn cool!! 
CD :: Who will be next...
* Lune * ( Milly and Molly ) 

Mr.Dark scopes out the crowds, looking for his next victi-EMPLOYEE... 


Gosh ive had this piece sitting around in my stash unfinished for a while now, BUT I finally finished it today YEE 

Mr.Dark ::

...that Quagsire is up to NO GOOD

Dorian: It was a peaceful day with bits of snowflakes drifting overhead in the sleepy little town that they pulled up in. A quaint little town with soft spoken residents curious by the coming of a circus. How fantastic it must be to them. How astounding.


Too bad it was not the other way around.


Dorian sighed, his breath puffing in a white vapor. Strolling through the circus, snow that had yet to be scooped away crunching under his shoes.


These small towns held little interest to him. Full of wholesome friendly faces where everyone knew each other. How dull. Another reason he disliked these small towns was the sheer lack of large crowds so there was little need to restock toys and dolls yet, thus leaving him with little to do other than opening his shop at night for curious customers wanting a gift or souvenir. Of course these cost more than trying to win the prize, but that was economics. If they could not obtained what they demanded they spent more for his supply.


Well there was more than enough stock, and the new cast iron toys needed to cool a full day before he could craft them, so he had little to do until opening his shop later on.

Milly and Molly: Today may not have been the busiest day for Circus Darkrai, but that didn`t stop the Sherbet Sisters from sharing a big wide grin on their faces. Milly and Molly did not mind the lack of activity today at all, truthfully, they were just happy that it was snowing outside. The girls had spent most of their lives stuck living on Stark Mountain, which was a barren, boiling mess of a place where it always felt like summer. But now that they joined the circus, they finally left that dreadful place behind, and they could experience a true winter!


For Milly, this was her first snowfall in many years. The last time she had seen natural snow was when she was a little vanillite. She opened the palm of her hand, allowing snowflakes to land on it. She turned to her sister. ``So what do you think Molly?`` She asked.


For Molly, this was her first snowfall EVER. Milly evolved into a Vanilluxe on Stark Mountain, so her sister never got to experience a proper winter. Molly let out a chuckle. `` It`s okay I guess.`` She said sarcastically.


Milly laughed and playfully shoved her sister. The two giggled as they twirled through the circus, snowflakes swirling around them.


 Dorian: Growing more and more bored with each step, Dorian was contemplating between hiding broken glass in snow banks to watch people trip into a conveniently placed pot hole or going back to his room and continue refurbishing the broken cello he came upon.

A swoop of cold wind carried with it the jingling giggles of a pair of voices. Quickly placing a hand to keep his thick mane from ruffling, he looked toward where the sound came and gave a tilt to his head.

"Good day to you, madams." he called out in greeting, smoothing his hair back in place. "I see you are are enjoying the chilly weather."

Milly and Molly: The sisters turned to see a Luxray man calling out to them. It was the toy maker, Dorian. Milly and Molly did not know much about the alluring mon, but he seemed quite intriguing. `` A pleasure to see you too, Dorian! `` Giggled the girls, both bowing their heads to him. Milly nodded when Dorian asked if they were enjoying the weather. `` It`s been so long since ive seen the snow fall! Oh! It`s Molly`s first proper winter! Tell him what you think of it Molly!`` She urged her sister. `` Meh, I think i`m more of a spring kinda gal.``Teased Molly. ``Oh stop it you!``Giggled Milly to her sister.

`` And what about you?`` ``How are you on this fine day??`` The sisters asked Dorian. 

Dorian: Ah the twin ice types. A Vanilluxe if he was not mistaken. The small town he lived in during his younger years was slightly near Snowpoint thus many ice types and hardy natured creatures resided in the cold climates. Not that he socialized much during his childhood. He briefly pondered if anyone still even remembered the fire in that little town.

Milly and Molly, though he had only briefly spoken to them, were rather playful and spirited young ladies which he found very amusing. Perhaps they would offer a slight distraction? They were hardly off putting in anyway, so their company was a welcome one.

"Congratulations miss Molly. I hope your first winter snow fall is as wondrous as you deserve." Offering a bow he chuckled at their question.

"Well, it had been a good many years since being in chilly climates, the weather here is a bit more tolerable. Yet despite my winter fur coat, I require warmer clothing to keep comfortable." His hand gestures toward his long coat and muffler. 

A cold wind blows by and swept through his thick hair making it fall into his eye. With a sigh he brushes it back. "I am afraid the only reason I do not care for this weather is the upkeep for grooming with my mane. But that is a moot point. Would you care to tell me the activities you have planned for yourself today, if you do not mind my bold question."

Milly and Molly: ``Hmm, well, we WERE going to perform today,`` Said Milly `` - BUT it looks like today isn`t going to be that busy.`` Said Molly.

`` We should still get some practice in, don`t you think Molly?`` Asked Milly to her sister. `` Agreed Milly! And perhaps we could invite a certain gentlemon to come watch?`` Asked Molly. 

`` I was thinking the same thing! `` Said Milly. She looked to Dorian. `` SO what do you say darling? Care to come see our little spectacle?``

Dorian: "Goodness." He said teasingly, "Saying such an endearing thing term toward myself is a bit embarrassing, my dears. Careful or you may give me the wrong impression."

Being called 'darling' was rather new to the feline. In his society one never used an affectionate term other than one's spouse or soon to be spouse. But having left that world behind he found many used terms more loosely, some going a bit over his head actually. Slang was nearly a foreign language at times. But he could make out the gist of it, even if he would rather they spoke a bit more educated. But not everyone were blessed, or cursed, with privileges such as a proper education. Heavens, some of the most thought provoking were ones that never attended schooling, but rather had life teach them.

Dorian would let the comment go, not wishing rudeness upon the two sisters.

"How ever so generous of you both to offer such a delightful treat. But are you sure I would not be a bother, my dear ladies? I would hate to be a distraction of any kind while you perform."

Milly and Molly: `` It wouldn`t be a bother at all Dorian! `` Said Milly. `` We need someone to critique our performance! We are going to be trying some new tricks, it would be nice if someone helped us decide which one of them would be best for the big top!`` Said Molly.

The girls were worried that their performances were getting a tad stale, so they though up some new tricks. Now was the perfect opportunity to test them out before performing in front of a real audience!

The Sherbet sisters beckoned Dorian to follow them. `` Come along Dorian, it will be lots of fun, we promise! `` They said.

Dorian: "Very well. I will be honest, my dears, I have not witnessed many performances of illusion, so I do hope I am not out of my depth for proper structural critiquing."

The only magic show the luxray had ever witnessed was when a certain meowth gave him a ticket to a magic show featuring flames. Alas, the magician is no longer with them, so to see a new magic act would be interesting. Being obvious ice types he doubted there would be any flame tricks. But one never knew, did they?

"I would be most honored to attend your performance miss Milly." He took her hand and placed a kiss on it. "Miss Molly." he then kissed her hand next. "Would you mind leading the way, miladies?" 

Milly and Molly: `` Oh don`t worry about a thing! `` Said Milly `` We appreciate it either way!`` Said Molly.

The sisters`faces blushed a bright blue when Dorian kissed their hands. They had to bring up their body temperatures significantly, as Vanilluxe bodies were normally ice cold to the touch. Bringing up their temperature wasn`t too much trouble, and besides, if it was to please Dorian, it was worth it! `` This way Dorian!`` Beckoned the giggling girls. 

Milly and Molly led Dorian to the big top. They stopped inside, and the sisters took a moment to gather up their materials and head up on stage. The girls nodded to each other, and then began their practice performance. They levitated up above the stage, then used their Blizzard move to shower the stage in bright and beautiful snowflakes. `` Ladies and Gentlemons, do we have a spectacular performance in store for you today!`` Giggled Milly. `` Im Milly!`` - ``and Im Molly!`` ``together we are the Sherbet sisters!`` They said in unison. 

`` Get ready for a frosty performance you`ll never forget! `` Said the sisters. 

`` How was that?`` Whispered Molly to Dorian, giggling.

Dorian: The bubbly enthusiasm between these two sisters was very endearing to the luxray. It was probably because they were once the same being, but they both looked very close to each other. Something he could remember long ago. But that was but a fond memory of a different life.

Following along to the Big top tent, Dorian removed his muffler and gloves, folding them neatly as he took a seat closest to the stage and placing them on his lap, waited for the girls to begin. With a gust chill of blizzard, the duo gave introductions to the singular audience.

Dorian chuckled, and clapped his hands. “Oh, splendid, my dears, splendid. Your twinkling personalities and enthusiasm is making me ever so eager for the show to begin. Please go on, my darling twin diamond beauties.”

Indeed, they were very lovely sisters. Such lovely girls...

Milly and Molly: The girls nodded. `` Let`s get this show on the road! Molly, why don`t we get started with a classic little trick!`` Milly said as she took off her magician hat. `` My wand if you please!`` She asked. Molly nodded and snapped her fingers. A puff of sparkly snow shimmered around her hand, and when it dissipated it revealed Milly`s wand. She tapped her wand on the hat two times. But nothing happened. `` Hmm? That`d odd...a bouquet of flowers was supposed to appear in my hat!`` Giggled Milly. `` Now where did those flowers go?`` She tapped the hat one more time, and suddenly a bouquet of flowers appeared, but not in the hat. They came out of Molly`s head-straw! ``Oh! Here they are!`` Laughed Molly. This was all part of the performance, and the girls happily tossed the bouquet of flowers down for Dorian to catch.

Dorian: The feline clapped at the clever trick. It was very interesting what a small bit of visual illusion could be passed off as magical. 

“Very clever, my dears.” the man eagerly praised them, catching the flowers tossed to him. Bits of frost and ice clung to the flowers, making them twinkle in the light. Closing his eyes, he took a small inhale of the flowers and smiled up at the two through drooping eye-lids. “Thank you most endearingly for this lovely gift. But goodness me, you are already gifting me an already fabulous performance, but now flowers as well? You are going to spoil me, sweet little snow diamonds.”

Placing the flowers in his lap he gazed at the sisters curiously, wonder what they were going to show next.

Milly and Molly: `` Oh we have much more in store for you Dorian! `` Giggled Milly and Molly. The two twirled over to the back of the stage, and wheeled over a large box that resembled a coffin up to the front. `` You`re in for a real treat now, this is our first time trying out this trick!`` Said Milly. `` But first, we`ll need a member of the audience to come up and be a part of our next act!`` Said Molly.

The girls beckoned Dorian to come up to the stage. The next act was a bit tricky, and the girls hoped that Dorian was one to enjoy taking risks, for this next act was none other then the ``Saw a mon in half`` Act! 

Dorian: At first the feline gave a curious tilt of his head, wondering what the coffin like item they pulled up was for. Were they going to make a corpse appear inside it? Well it had been some time since he has- oh, they were asking him to come up to the stage?

Momentarily confused, he blinked his eyes and replied with an 'Ah', at the next trick. It would seem he would be assisting in the next part.

Placing the flowers down on his seat, Dorian climbed onto the stage and gave a bow to the two sisters. “I would be more than delighted to assist you in your act. I leave myself in your lovely hands, my dears.” 

Folding his arms behind his back he awaited for his task.

Milly and Molly: `` Think you`re brave enough to assist us with our next trick Dorian?`` Asked Milly. She flicked her wand, which caused the Coffin-like box to open up. Molly pulled out a massive saw from the box. Its blade was clear and sparkled like an ice crystal. `` Our next act is quite a breath taker! We get a mon to lay inside this coffin, and with our trusty old saw here we split the coffin in half, with the mon still inside!`` Explained Milly. `` You could say it`s quite the killer performance!`` Giggled Molly. ``-You won`t REALLY be cut in half though! It`s all part of an illusion, so you will be quite safe!...Probably...Maybe..`` Said Milly. ``

`` But then again, what`s life without taking a few risks? So what do you say Dorian, are you up for it?`` Encouraged Molly. 

Dorian: The feline smiled, interest dancing in his glowing red and gold eyes. So he was the one to be placed in the box then?

This trick rang very familiar to him. Ah yes, sawing a person in half was it, correct? Not having witnessed it himself, he had heard mentions of it. But it did sound fascinating to him. Especially if the trick went wrong. He knew, personally, what damage a saw could do.

A thrill raced through his blood. 

An act like this would put most off, especially that gleaming saw that reflected his smiling face back at him. Yes, some would be a little intimidated by it. But a little thought bled through the cracks of rationality. He had never been sawed in half before, trick or an actual attempt to harm. 

He was curious...

Placing a hand to his chest he bowed before Milly and Molly. "Of course, my dears. What is life without risk?" Raising his head he gave them a rather mischievous smile. "May my form bring forth the satisfactory results for your magic act, miss Milly and miss Molly. I only hope I do not stain your lovely dresses."

Offering them a playful wink he stepped toward the coffin.

Milly and Molly: Milly and Molly were impressed with Dorian`s eagerness. He seemed to be the type of mon who lived in the moment, which was just the kind of assistant the girls needed for their little practice performance! `` Step right in Dorian!`` Beckoned Milly, who then pointed at just where Dorian should position his legs, as it was key to the performance. `` Comfy isn`t it?`` Giggled Molly. 

Molly held up the saw blade as Milly closed the door on the coffin. `` Remember, stay exactly in the position you`re in! Don`t move an inch!`` Said Milly. `` If you need anything, just give us a holler!`` Said Molly. The girls were both holding the blade know, and positioned it just over the coffin lid. `` You ready sis? `` Asked Milly. `` Let`s do it! `` Said Molly. 

Dorian: Giving a nod, he climbed into the casket as directed, positioning his legs as they asked, folding his hands neatly upon his chest.

“Indeed it is, my dears. For one's final rest, it should always be so comfortable.” he remarked with a bit of morbid humor. “And no, I do not think I will require anything. If I do indeed make any loud noise or exclamations, do carry on. The show must go on, as I have heard.”

The lid closed and he was encased in darkness, but hardly an issue with eyes that can see in the dark and through walls. Straightening a couple buttons, Dorian allowed his head to fall back and relaxed inside the coffin, of which would soon be sawed into. He really wondered how this trick was going to play out, and patiently waited, humming a cheerful tune of the Funeral March.

Milly and Molly: Milly and Molly could of sworn they heard Dorian humming from inside the coffin. `` Jeez, he really IS fearless isn`t he? `` Whispered Molly to her sister. For just a split second, the two shared a morbid thought that perhaps, for whatever reason, Dorian really wouldn`t care if he was actually split in half. But that thought faded quickly. `` He probably just has a lot of faith in us Molly! We are professionals after all! `` Milly reassured her sister, and herself.

It was time to begin. The girls announced their act to the pretend audience, and without any hesitation, began cutting into the coffin. Slowly, carefully, they had to be very precise. Then with a thud, the saw hit the bottom of the coffin. The box was successfully cut in half! Everything appeared to be going well. `` TA-DAAA!!`` Exclaimed the girls as they pushed the two pieces of the coffin away from each other, to show that it had indeed been cut in half. Then, after a few moments, Milly and Molly placed the two halves back together.

`` Alright Dorian, it`s safe to come out! `` The girls nervously giggled as they awaited a response from inside the coffin.

Dorian: There was a long stretch of silence after the trick was over and Milly and Molly told him they were done. A beat passed, and then another and still nothing. Then the lid of the coffin slowly creaked open. Dorian lay a moment in the casket, staring at the ceiling of the tent then sat up. He looked a bit puzzled.

Looking over to the magicians, Dorian gave a tilt of his head and blinked at them. “Do forgive me, my young ladies, but... I am a tad bewildered as to what transpired. I heard the sawing, felt the box open then close. Is that how the trick is done?”

He had been watching for something to happen. Anticipated the brush of saw teeth nearly sinking into his flesh. It was hard to miss the sound of the sawing resonating into the casket, but otherwise he did not catch much. He assumed age was catching up with him for not noticing.

Milly and Molly: Molly almost let out a huge sigh of relief as they saw Dorian appear unscathed, but Milly shushed her; they had to look professional after all! Dorian looked rather puzzled, as if he was expecting more to happen? `` Then that means we did our part correctly! `` Laughed Milly. `` Rest assured, from the outside it really looked like the coffin was split in half, with you in it! That`s all you need to know, and all the audience needs to know!`` Winked Molly. 

Dorian: Raising a brow at them both, the feline smiled nonetheless and let out a laugh. "So I see. Well to have mystified me so is quite astounding and thus, I applaud you both." And he did, clapping his hands for both Milly and Molly. 

"Bravo bravo, such a trick to astound me. Even though I heard the sawing, I am still very much in tact. goodness, are all magicians this amazing, or are you two charming snow diamonds that skilled? Either way, I am very impressed."

Crawling out of the coffin he bowed to both Milly and Molly then looked at the coffin. There was a huge cut down the middle, caused by the saw, but otherwise nothing more. He ran a claw along the cut and gave pondered the possibilities. He himself did not believe in actual magic, but in this circus...

"Such a clever act to perform. Did you both come up with it all yourselves?"

Milly and Molly: Milly and Molly did a bow as Dorian applauded. They blushed bright blue as Dorian complimented them.`` Oh no, we can`t take all the credit! The other magicians helped us out a lot when we were starting out - `` Said Milly. `` - But we did take our own little spin on things! `` Finished Molly. `` I don`t think anyone has ever done that sawing trick here before...we were the first to complete it! Well..successfully at least!`` Said the sisters, giggling. 

The Vanilluxe began to pack up their set pieces. `` I believe that`s all the time up here for today. Others will be wanting the stage to practice soon! `` Said Milly. `` Thank you so much for your assistance Dorian, we hope you had as much fun as we did!`` They held their hands together as they bowed again to the charming Luxray in front of them. 

Dorian: "Not in the least, it is I whom should be grateful to you two darling magicians. I have only seen one magic act before, but I must say this was an absolute delight."

Dorian jumped off the stage and held out a hand for the vanilluxe and aid them off the stage. true they could simply float down, but it was still courteous to offer.

"I am so humbled to have seen such a dazzling show that I feel I must repay you both somehow in same." He looked toward the band area, where music would be played during the performances and pondered. "If you wish, my dears, I could play you a melody when you wish it. There are no harpsichords, and I am only just beginning to play the cello, but I am confident in my piano playing abilities. Though I am no master, I can still play a nice tune for you both to enjoy."

He turned and gave each girl a charming smile. "Though I do not care to perform before others, I would not in the least mind if it is for you both, my dears. A little something to look forward, if piano music is of any interest to either of you."

Milly and Molly: The girls eagerly took Dorian`s hand as he helped them down the stage. Truly, this Luxray had been the most interesting mon Milly and Molly have met in the Circus! So gentlemanly, yet so daring, the girls both looked forward to learning more about him. So when Dorian offered to play the piano for them, the girls both immediately nodded in response. `` We would love to listen to you play!`` Said Milly. `` It`s the least we can do to thank you!`` Blushed Molly. It had been so long that the girls have listened to a peaceful melody, it would certainly bring some much needed composure after a stressful week of working in this dark little circus. `` Whenever you`re available, give us a holler!`` Said the girls. 

Dorian: Dorian glanced across to the big top, where all the instruments that were played during performances. He had visited the big top at night a few times, when he had the urge to play and get lost in the music. Looking out toward the entrance, the weather was still snowy and no other performers had come in to practice as of yet. And even if they did, he would ignore them and play anyway.

“Ah, the orchestra has a piano. If you would be so kind as to follow me, I would be more than humbled to play a song for you both.”

Picking up the flowers on the way, the feline escorted the twin ice types toward the orchestra and up to the grand piano. A bit beat up and scratched from constant use and transport from storage to car every time the circus moved, but it still played perfectly well. 

Dorian approached the piano, snatching a chair along the way and pulling it up for Milly and Molly. Putting the flowers aside, he rolls up his cuffs a couple times and takes a seat on the piano bench. “Any requests, my dears?” he asked, lifting the fall covering the keys. “I am not very up to date on the latest music rage, but I can attempt it. I could also do classical. Or would you rather I just play something of my own composition?”

He smiled at them, his lids lowered over his red and gold eyes, mane swept back like always. But with the cold season he had grown it out till it spilled past his shoulders in black coils. He looked very much like a classical musician ready to perform at a symphony just for them. Offering a brief chuckle then lowered his gaze, Dorian's fingertips brush along the white keys gently plucking out a small melody to occupy the wait for their answer.

Milly and Molly: Milly and Molly were delighted to hear that Dorian would happily play for them right away. They followed the Luxray man to the Piano, barely containing their excitement. As Dorian prepared to play, he asked the girls if they had any requests. Milly already had something in mind. `` I do have a request, if you know it! My hometown, Snowbelle city, had a popular tune that was played by musicians on the streets. It was played so much that it everyone simply called it Snowbelle`s song! I haven`t heard it since my childhood, and it would mean a lot if my sister could hear it too, since she wasn`t around back then. `` Asked Milly. It might have been a long shot, but perhaps Dorian did indeed know this tune. Both the girls eagerly waited for his answer. 

Dorian: The good thing about being a toy maker, and one of your products being music boxes, is that you are well versed in different types of songs and melodies. He knew the 'Snowbelle' song as it was a common thing most bought during the winter seasons as a seasonal gift.

Giving a smile, Dorian lowered his gaze, positioned his fingers, and began to play. The melody opened with the tinkling high notes much like soft silver bells, like drifting snowflakes, then lower, slightly somber notes soon following after, as if a cold wind had come sweep the snowflakes along. But it seemed to do more than that. As Dorian played, it felt as if a light snow fall had started up and drifted down from the ceiling of the big top tent. The tempo picked up, the luxray's head gently bobbed in time and his fingers all but floated across the shining keys, stirring up the illusion of a gusty gale. The notes fluttered and swirled in the icy wind, blowing about the chilled yet inviting song. With one final gust, the tempo eased and slowed to a soft tinkling once more and faded to silence.

Dorian looked up at his audience and gave a nod. “I apologize I did not live up to your expectations, miss Molly and miss Milly. But I do hope it was at least the slightest bit enjoyable.” Closing his eyes he softly played the melody again, but more of a background filler. “If I remember right the song is to represent the endless snowfall and wind that makes the snowflakes dance.” 

Milly and Molly: Milly closed her eyes as Dorian began to play. His melody matched that of the City`s theme perfectly, and for a moment Milly was back in her hometown. She could see the streets lined with snow tipped evergreens, and Ice mons of all kinds dancing to the music. She could feel the cold crisp air envelope her. She felt like a little Vannilite again, playing in the snowbanks with her childhood friends. Friends she would never see again. A city she would never see again...

Molly noticed her sister began tearing up. The tears froze and formed little ice crystals under her eyes. Molly let out a sigh and patted her sister. `` Hold on Dorian, my sister`s getting sappy. `` She said. Milly always did this whenever something reminded her of her childhood. Molly found it a little embarrassing, but she was always supportive nonetheless. `` No, no! Im fine, keep playing `` Gushed Molly. 

Dorian: His fingers ghosted along the keys, playing the snowy tune for his sole two audience. The melody slowed a fraction when he took note of Milly appearing to tear up, at least for an ice type, and Molly asking him to stop. It was an interesting thing how nostalgia affected a person. How similar and yet different it was from person to person. It would seem to Milly, possibly having been the original host, harbored deep, cherished memories to this song. It was odd, watching another grow sad at the loss... and rather amusing... For he held no more sympathies to others. Empathy. Comforting. These were foreign now. So he said nothing.

Though about to end his playing at Molly's request, Milly urged him to continue. And he did so for as long as she desired. An endless loop of the snow like song just for them.

Milly and Molly: Milly wiped away the last of the frozen tears and blushed a deep blue. She hoped she hadn`t made things too awkward for their humble performer, but Dorian didn`t seem to mind. He kept playing the blissful melody. Molly looked a little concerned. `` Don`t worry, i`m fine!`` Milly whispered to her sister. `` Oh I know you`re fine miss sappypants, im worried that you made us look bad! Maybe he thinks you don`t like his playing now!`` Pouted Molly. `` Jee thanks sis.`` Sighed Milly. She didn`t mind her sister`s attitude much, after all Molly had no idea how much this song meant to her. Milly politely raised her hand to Dorian, signalling him to stop playing. `` That was beautiful Dorian, thank you so much for playing for us! ... Please pardon my sobbing, I assure you it was only because your playing matched my hometown`s music so well! It brought back so many cherished memories...`` Milly chuckled nervously. 

Dorian: Dorian only chuckled, ceasing his playing of the snowy melody and instead played a classical waltz. “What is a music box but a keepsake of time where the melody coaxes forth honeyed memories to join its waltz. Be they blissful and sweet, to warm a smile upon your lips, or so tender and cherished they nearly hurt; a music box is but that, a holder of a song, awaiting to release a moment in time once more.”

He gave them a rather sheepish smile. “Forgive me, that was rather overly dramatic. But it is rather true. In a way, I am a maker of memories. Ones that have passed or yet to be. Our fondest memories can take a materialized form in a toy, or music box. An old toy one once cherished as a child is recalled when one sees something remarkably similar to it. Or when someone purchases a gift and the awaiting moment that person shall feel in that very instant upon receiving. Even the one gifting will be gifted himself with that moment.”

Closing the Fall over the keys, the feline gentleman rose from his seat, offered a graceful bow and offered his handkerchief. “I am most humbled to know I was able to aid you in recalling your cherished moments of long ago.”

Milly and Molly: The way the man spoke was so enticing, his words flowed with even more rhythm then the tune he had just played. For a moment, Milly and Molly almost considered showing Dorian their most prized possession. A snowglobe, with a miniature replica of Snowbelle City, which was hidden away in the girls` room. It was a beautifully crafted snowglobe that Dorian would surely admire, but of course, it was kept hidden away for a reason. The girls decided against it. `` You`ve done so much for us today Dorian...`` Said Milly. `` ...Is there anything we can do to return the favor?`` Asked Molly. 

Dorian: A gentle turning of his head back and forth gave them his answer. “Not in the least. It is I who feel indebted to you both for treating me to a spectacular performance then allowed me to play you something you deeply cherish. Though I know not the true depths of your love for the melody, and the memory it holds, I feel incredibly honored to have, even the slightest, brought forth warm moments of sweet tenderness.”

Picking up the bouquet of flowers, Dorian plucked three flowers from the bunch, tucking one into his button hole, before dividing up the rest of them into two equally smaller bouquets. “As much I thank you for these flowers, my dears, I feel the both of you are far more deserving of these dainty little treasure.” Pressing the flowers into each of their hands. “You make these flowers all the more lovely.” He tucked the two remaining flowers into Milly and Molly's hair, offering a soft kiss to their cold cheeks.

“Smile for me, my darling little diamonds. Even in these bitter winters, you bring forth the spring in your smiles.”

Taking notice that another group of performers were coming in to practice, Dorian offered them a polite bow. 

“It appears our time of play has come to an end, and we must part ways. But I had an enchanting time with you both.”

Milly and Molly: Although Milly and Molly were ice types, their hearts burned with a red hot flame hotter than any fire type as Dorian softly kissed both of their cheeks. Blushing a bright blue, the girls waved a goodbye to the dashing Luxray, bearing great big smiles just as he politely asked. 

`` It was our pleasure! `` Giggled Milly. `` You`ll always be a welcome sight at our performances!`` Said Molly. 

And with that, the mysterious but deeply alluring Luxray man made his departure, leaving behind two very flustered girls. The other performers gave odd looks to the Sherbet sisters, who giggled and twirled through the circus with even more passion than before.
CD RP LOG:: Snowbelle`s Song
* Lune * Milly and Molly

Word Count: 5937

An old but charming RP between the Sherbet Sisters and Dorian!! (( This RP takes place in the previous winter of CD, before the Dust Witch Arc and before the circus goes to Alola )) 

To anyone curious, this is the tune Dorian plays on the Piano:…

Milly and Molly: ME



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